Mystery Shopper Research

Customer Service Audit

by Compass&Partners

Mystery Shopper / Mystery Patient Research

We cooperate with over a hundred permanent and 250 temporary auditors across Poland in diversified quality research, implementing the most complex business scenarios for clients. The implementation of mystery shopper scenarios confirms the scope and extent to which the requirements and standards of external customer service of our business partners are accommodated.

We specialize in providing thorough, multi-dimensional feedback in a report that provides our clients with verification whether the standards and service of their clients are in compliance with the established requirements. The report consists of an analysis of whether the service provided by the employee complies with the standards and contains information and development tips. You will not find one-size-fits-all approach in Mystery shopper reports prepared by Compass&Partners.

The team develops personalized weights, improvement potentials and recommendations for further action. Everything is productized with an audit report discussed by a qualified consultant. Over the years, together with our clients, we have developed this model to provide maximum added value, both in terms of confirming compliance with standards and finding ways to build a competitive advantage on the market.

Mystery Shopper Audit - basic information

Quantitative and qualitative research volumes

Compass&Partners conducts Mystery Shopper/Patient Audits in quantitative (from 200 and above) and qualitative research (volumes from 50 to 200 in the study).

Original method of result analysis

We have our own methodology for analysing results, developed by a team of analysts, calibrated with the client after analysing the process, applicable standards and a representative sample of Pro audits.

Compass&Partners Auditor Network

Our network of auditors is highly qualified, constantly trained, and competent to conduct audits in a given industry. The process of recruitment, training and collecting auditor questionnaires is carried out by a qualified team of supervisors from Compass&Partners.

Advanced research application

The entire process - from completing audit questionnaires, to their qualitative collection, monitoring statistics, and access to source data - is carried out in close cooperation with the client using the original Compass&Partners application.

Transparency of the process

The process is extremely transparent, from establishing measurement methods, audit questionnaires and survey quality, to the analysis process and presentation of results.


Reports are discussed with stakeholders in terms of macro and micro results. The reports are supplemented with recommendations for process and strategic changes in the organization. We also have the resources and competences to train internal customer service resources, implement process changes and increase efficiency in the provision of high-quality services.

Application supporting Audits

Kivi Application

The KIVI application is a tool for auditing and monitoring, in terms of quantity and quality, the standards of the customer service process, intended for every industry.

The KIVI application manages auditor surveys, access for observers on the client’s side, qualitative receipt of surveys, and complaints.

Thanks to the application auditors are trained, knowledge tests and quantitative reports are generated.

Kivi Application - Statistics

completed quantitative and qualitative audits
Error rate (complaints) per 1000 units
0 %
proprietary research questionnaires
consistently collaborating auditors in Poland
3-day lead time for auditor onboarding into the process

Customer Service Audits - goals for the organization

The key goals for the organization include verification:

In-person customer service quality

Communication skills, politeness, pro-client attitude

Customer service quality through remote resources

Appointments, complaints, resolving customer issues through remote calls/emails

Quality of delivered goods

Packaging, damages, errors in the order

Quality of service in the sales department

Post-sales support (feedback, relationship maintenance, proactive sales actions)


Availability of products from the offer, display, waiting time, alternatives, availability of substitutes

Non-standard scenarios

Handling demanding customers, simulating non-standard situations

Location infrastructure (stores, branches, outlets)

Cleanliness, amenities, display, parking, accessibility

Customer satisfaction

Cleanliness, amenities, display, parking, accessibility

what we specialize in

Consulting & Audit


Process transformations


Process analysis


KPI implementation


Research - Mystery Shopper


Increasing efficiency
in the organization


Training Center

Compass Training Center

Campus PRO

Certification Program

Compass Training Center

Mentoring and strategic consulting

Compass Training Center

Lean Game

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Sales Masters Program

Compass Training Center

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Technology Lab

Compass Technology Lab

Avocado Application

A tool for parameterizing and measuring activities performed by an employee during the working day.

Compass Technology Lab

Kivi Application

A tool for auditing and monitoring the standards of the customer service process in terms of quantity and quality, intended for every industry.

Compass Technology Lab

Artichoke Application

A tool for conducting snapshot analysis - MULTI OBSERVATION STUDY - a study in which the consultant records what activities the employee performs at specified intervals.

Compass Technology Lab

Chili Application

An application supporting effective project, initiative and team management.

Compass Technology Lab

Workflow systems

Compass Technology Lab

Data Lake


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