Strategic consulting
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What is Compass&Partners strategic mentoring and consulting?

Mentoring and strategic management consulting are the responsibility of Dawid Pyszniak, CEO of Compass&Partners, an expert with over 20 years of experience in consulting and mentoring, which he has provided for several dozen nationwide and European organizations.

It involves creating or revising strategies and goals for organizations and business units. Our mentor supports the Management Board in creating a development vision, the company’s mission, as well as in developing strategic plans and road maps for transformation processes covering the entire organization as well as a selected department, unit or team.

Our clients are frequently faced with the need for changes that are caused by external factors and require transformation of the business model and quick adaptation to changing conditions. Our mentor Dawid Pyszniak supports organizations in this process using his expert knowledge and experience: in achieving goals of the organization, teams, generating value, transforming the cost structure, organizational structure as well as digitization and creating or transforming a digital strategy.

Run by

Dawid Pyszniak

Mentor and strategic advisor with 20 years of experience

For the founder of Compass&Partners the primary goal was not simply to create a company providing consulting services, but to provide value that makes a business that is important and precious to our client even better.

As Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart) said, “Great expectations are the key to everything.” This is a motto that is important to Dawid, who requires 100% commitment from himself, his team and the people he works with to work and the effects they leave in the companies for which Compass&Partners works.

Change is David’s natural habitat. He believes that boldness, questioning the current state and the courage to correct one’s mistakes are factors that guarantee development.

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Avocado Application

A tool for parameterizing and measuring activities performed by an employee during the working day.

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Kivi Application

A tool for auditing and monitoring the standards of the customer service process in terms of quantity and quality, intended for every industry.

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Artichoke Application

A tool for conducting snapshot analysis - MULTI OBSERVATION STUDY - a study in which the consultant records what activities the employee performs at specified intervals.

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An application supporting effective project, initiative and team management.

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