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Who we are and what makes us different

Who we are

We are a consulting company serving clients from such sectors as banking, pharmacy, IT, FMCG, insurance, services, production, trade, health care and distribution and their stakeholders. We productize our clients' visions. We implement practical operational solutions. We are not afraid of simple but bold solutions, and most importantly, we are able to implement them.

We are glad to pass on the experience that we have gained over the years at all stages of cooperation with the client, so that the snowball effect could allow for the further development of the organization, also after the end of cooperation with Compass&Partners. Our solutions are durable.
The basis of this is the belief that it is not dependence on a consulting company, but clients’ INDEPENDENCE in action and the course we helped them set that creates the greatest value of our work.

Compass&Partners Team

Dawid Pyszniak

CEO Compass&Partners

Anna Bernat


Marta Czerwiec

Senior Consultant

Mariusz Paliga

Senior Consultant

Paulina Lipińska

Senior Consultant

Sławomir Rosiecki

Expert in Research and Analysis

Compass&Partners Team in Numbers

Back Office Support

Stages of business transformation

The solutions proposed by Compass&Partners are created with great attention to the specific needs of the client and are focused on targeted action bringing quick, visible changes in the organization.

When creating solutions and recommending them to clients, we are not afraid of bold changes and, apart from the vision of deferred success, we know how to achieve it and with whom to maintain it. We are characterized by uncompromising attitude, but also the ability to instantly revise assumptions, make corrections and work diligently.

The service we care about is everyday work with the client, open substantive discussions, determination and certainty that with 100% attention to the delivery of our work products, the goal we have set is a certain place in the future.

Clear principles of work beyond methodologies

After years of experience with various methods of building an organizational strategy, optimizing processes, or even changes in organizational culture, we know for sure that Methodology is not the answer to everything. Seth Godin uses a metaphor for this purpose: “If you don’t know which direction you’re going, how will you know when you’re off course? And yet we spend most of our time learning (or teaching) the map, yesterday’s map, while we’re anxious and afraid to spend any time at all calibrating our compass.”

For us, METHODOLOGY is like a MAP, it will guide you in a specific pattern to your goal, as long as you know where you are at a given moment. You need to know the area and your location. If you need to move in an area you don’t know, you need to explore in the directions indicated by the compass.

Compass&Partners clients choose our team because they know that we can calibrate the direction precisely to reach the right place. Sometimes it is leadership, other times it is time management or High Performing Organization

(a combination of practical solutions that change the functioning of the company towards efficiency and achieving critical strategic and operational goals).

We question methodologies because they make us follow solutions that are not always suitable or necessary to change the face of the organization, provide more added value to clients and build a competitive advantage. We are not afraid to take the best practices from the methodologies we know and create them in accordance with many years of evidence of effectiveness.

Creating dedicated supporting applications

We have a range of original supporting applications, from tools for collecting data and information (including process measurements), to conversion and questionnaire applications.

Moreover, we are able to develop an original application solution for the client relatively quickly (an application is created within 10 days and ready to be used in the process), which directly supports the implementation or provides operational support for the process. Portfolio of Compass&Partners applications: Avocado, Chili, Artichoke, Kiwi.

Knowledge transfer focused on building client independence

Our intention is to share our knowledge with the client, and we can do it thoroughly and fast. We want the client to be fully clear on how to proceed and to support the planned changes with the available resources. It is COMMUNICATION and INDEPENDENCE that build trust and support the difficult period of changes and implementations.

We believe that the transfer of knowledge and being acquainted with implementation behind the scenes very quickly build responsibility on the client’s side. We do not want to build a culture of dependence with clients, but rather their independence in understanding and acting according to new rules. Knowledge transfer and work in partnership on projects cement the change and radically increase the chances of maintaining it after the work of C&P consultants is completed.


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