Campus PRO

A practical training program for High Performing Organization employees

by Compass&Partners

What is Business Process Transformation

A practical training program for High Performing Organization employees. The program combines practical workshops, project work in the company and mentoring for participants using A3 cards (we work together with the participant on a selected process in the organization).

The most important goals of the Campus PRO Program

Strategic objectives

raising participants’ awareness in the context of building the culture of a High Performing organization, where people speak the language of facts and not opinions, and productizing the results of this program in a measurable way (so that the company achieves profits or savings).

Operational goals

practical implementation of solutions optimizing processes, as well as increasing the added value in processes.

The most important benefits of participating in Campus PRO

Implemented optimization solutions

Process ownership

A chance to test many solutions in the organization under the supervision of an expert (learning while conducting experiments)

Increased competencies of program participants


CAMPUS PRO consists of three integral parts that combine knowledge transfer, mentoring and practical implementation. During CAMPUS PRO training meetings, participants will take part in the following blocks:

Substantive lectures

combined by the ‘inspiratorium’ formula - this is the most important element of knowledge transfer in our program.

Conducting your own implementation project in the organization

The process begins with identifying areas that can be improved in the organization (including operational processes, resource efficiency or service quality).

Individual 1:1 mentoring

During the meeting, the mentor shares practical experience, helping to understand processes, identify areas for optimization and develop strategies for improving operations.

After completing all cycles of the CAMPUS PRO program, there will be a certification exam and defence of the project conducted under the mentoring supervision of Compass&Partners.

what we specialize in

Consulting & Audit


Process transformations


Process analysis


KPI implementation


Research - Mystery Shopper


Increasing efficiency
in the organization


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Technology Lab

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Avocado Application

A tool for parameterizing and measuring activities performed by an employee during the working day.

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Kivi Application

A tool for auditing and monitoring the standards of the customer service process in terms of quantity and quality, intended for every industry.

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Artichoke Application

A tool for conducting snapshot analysis - MULTI OBSERVATION STUDY - a study in which the consultant records what activities the employee performs at specified intervals.

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Chili Application

An application supporting effective project, initiative and team management.

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