Dawid Pyszniak

CEO Compass&Partners

Founder of Compass&Partners, whose primary goal is to provide value that makes a business that is precious to our Client even better, and not simply to create a company that provides consulting services.

As Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart) said, “Great expectations are the key to everything.” This is a motto that is important to Dawid, who requires 100% commitment from himself, his team and the people he works with to work and the effects they leave in the companies for which Compass&Partners works.

Change is David’s natural habitat. He believes that boldness, questioning the current state and the courage to correct one’s mistakes are factors that guarantee development.

He developed his own approach to working with strategy and processes – Compass Needle®, as a trilogue between managing the present, creating the future and cultivating identity.

Top management trainer in strategy development and its cascading. He believes that organizational culture is built by structured individual goals, excellent communication, and error detection and correction.

Anyone who has met Dawid knows that he is determined, results-oriented, creative and always at his best to inspire the recipient. These assumptions mean that he never says “enough” to himself and excels every day in everything he does.



development of dedicated communication models (10+ transformations)

implementation of a value and behaviour management system (10+ transformations)

creation of an annual evaluation system and competence matrix management, bonus systems (30+ transformations)

working with leading Presidents of Polish organizations

development of 350+ middle and senior management leaders as part of the proprietary Campus PRO Program


generating total savings and operating profits of PLN 62.8 million

savings confirmed by the implementation of budgets for all C&P clients (40+ transformations and operational and training projects)

complete separation of a commercial company of one of the leading Polish brands in the FMCG industry


construction and implementation of strategic management processes (20+ transformations)

optimization of over 150 operational processes within the business triangle (L/T shortening, quality improvement, efficiency increase)

KPI implementation (50+ projects)

development of proprietary process communication models based on DBRs & MBRs (Daily & Monthly Business Reviews)

development and implementation of dedicated models of interdisciplinary work based on nest models (25+ projects)


500+ leaders and managers trained in leadership and process optimization and visualization (2014-2023)

implementation of product and customer segmentation, including portfolio restructuring (25+ transformations and optimization projects)

implementation of multidimensional solutions to anticipate the needs of Compass clients (20+ transformations)


Currently, as Co-owner and Operations Director of Compass&Partners, he consistently aims to improve leading companies in Poland, proving that only a conscious leader is able to properly guide the team through changes related to process improvement.

Thanks to his activating and inspiring attitude, he is known as the driving force behind all initiatives undertaken in which he participates as part of cooperation with C&P Business Partners. He uses his natural intuition and experience gained over nearly 20 years to build and maintain the assumptions of an organizational culture based on the balance between the human factor, process facts, self-improvement and innovation.

Guided by this idea, Dawid and the rest of the Compass & Partners team implemented changes (operational, strategic) in over 40 companies, including: Pekao SA, ITCARD, PZU, Polfa Pabianice, Samat, Allianz, DB Schenker, GPW, Walk, FM Logistics , WAM, ZZN, CAT LC, DPD, Sinevia, Liberty Direct, GetIN, mBANK, Raiffeisen Polbank, Paula, Crispy Natural, Adamed, Tabor Dębica, mLeasing, BNP Paribas Faktoring, BNP Paribas operational areas, mFaktoring, Konsalnet, FIXIT, Holding Agraf, LuxMed, Stores-Discount, Europapier, EurelHermes, UPC Polska, Bombardier (now Alstom), Hendi. His latest transformation projects have been and are being carried out in organizations such as: ITCARD, Cersanit, Konica Minolta, Synthos, Execon, Lipton (Unilever), BNP Leasing Solutions, Corab, Polfa Tarchomin, BOŚ Bank.


T: +48 601 191 393
Address: Warsaw
ul. Grochowska 217/15
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